System driven schools

MAP schools are system driven schools,better systems mean better services to students leading to higher levels of student numbers.

Maximum Efficiency

Bi weekly (fortnightly) systems aws introduced to the Australian martial arts on mass causing a huge wave of excitement.

Many copied only one aspect of what is a complete system,only then can you fully enjoy "Maximum Efficiency" for you & yolur school

Sign Up For Success

Having the correct sign up procedure shows a high level of professionalism and increases sign ups as well as ensuring the beginning of a long term relationship that is designed to bring about results.

This system provides all the forms you need to make it simple for you and your new students!

Success Culture = Retention

This is a complete system that builds a success culture from day 1.

This helps our students overcome hurdles and prepares them for the hard days with a determined mindset to reach black belt & beyond.

There is no point in telling a student how beneficial the martial arts is once they hav e decided to quit!

Breed successful determined students not quitters with our system

Creating a systems driven school

Master Fariborz is pure genius and he shares his great research & intellect in what is required to truly "creating a systems driven school".

Policies-policies & more policies

No policies means no standards,no standards means lack of professionalism and may lead to legal dramas.

Birthday Parties Manual

Master Fariborz has designed the complete system.

I will also provide you a dvd of a birthday party in full swing.

For registered Martial Arts Professionals

New member management system

Many use a 2-4-6 week system but the facts are most quit between 1 to 6 months!

This mass system (martial arts success system)covers the first 6 months and its a very comprehensive and easy to follow system.

Student card management system

-track attendance

- track payments

- in a split second you will know who should and should not e on the floor

- in a split second you will know who has not been at training

Do we use a computer system? Yes we do but the facts are there is no computer system on the floor where it matters most SO YOU MUST HAVE THIS CARD TRACKING SYSTEM!

Martial Arts Organizer

- no ongoing fees

- one time fee

-bar code scanning option

-email system & more just call us on 02 9821 2288 to find out the best value computer program for your gym or school

Training Incentive Program -TIP System

Regular progress means greater quality control,greater motivation and ultimately greater success for students and school owners.

Regular progress does not mean a watered down system but it does mean great results!

Find out us on 02 9821 2288 today

New Year Marketing plan

Historically this part of the year certainly brings in the largest number of members...does your school also?

If you are not getting the numbers or want to get more numbers then you must have a system!

Black Belt Qualifier Program

A Black Belt test is more than a test for a day,it should e a process that builds habits for life!

A true Black Belt test is not one that crammed one week of training.

Our adult system is a 6 month process and kids is a 12 month process.Can you do it in less time? per all systems they are flexible to suit your needs and standards.

This system is more than just a black belt test,its a process producing the Gold Standard in Black Belt Testing

Black Belt Graduations

The single most important day for students,families and school owners!

Make it all the more special by have a ceremony system that is truly inspirational.....memories for a lifetime will be determined by your ability to conduct more than just a black belt test

More to be added shortly

stay tuned...

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